Hjem Attraksjon Avaldsnes Viking Farm

Avaldsnes Viking Farm

Avaldsnes Viking Farm. © Ørjan Iversen

(Source: Fjordnorway.com) For 3000 years the Vikings and chieftains controlled the Nordvegen strait – the shipping lane that gave Norway its name.

The Viking Farm is situated in beautiful natural surroundings on the island Bukkøy, a short ten minute stroll from Nordvegen History Centre. Here you can see and experience how the Vikings lived in every aspect of their day-to-day life. You will learn about how they lived from  farming, fishing, hand-craft, commerce, art, culture and also how they celebrated.

Many buildings typical of Viking times are reconstructed using original techniques, and of particular interest is the granary and roundhouse from the pre-Christian era. The other buildings are replicas from around AD 900.

The Viking Farm is open for visits during summer, and the annual Viking Festival at Avaldsnes is held here at Bukkøy every June.

This years Festival are held June 9th-12th, 2016.